Uptime Guarantee

Last updated August 20th, 2015

Our policy and belief on our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

As you may know, servers are computers, and unfortunately computers tend to fail from time to time. This works the same for internet connectivity.

We define uptime as servers being powered on, connected online and being responsive to ping signals. If at anytime there is downtime that is affecting to your site, we will provide 10%-20% credit to your account depending on the severity of your issue. However, creditable downtime excludes the following:

1. Scheduled repairs, basic or emergency maintenance. These issues are usually resolved quickly. If at any time, Cloudngin will be sure to notify customers via the Cloudngin announcements section within the customer dashboard

2. Issues or interruptions caused by user-error (you, the customer) due to coding, 3rd-party software or custom scripts.

3. Outages of factors that do not hinder the performance of your website such as Email, FTP, etc.

4. Natural causes that we are not in control of or could not prevent.

5. DDOS Attacks that have occurred towards your site or server.

6. Physical connection or location issues based solely on the customer.

Overall, we want to be sure to provide a secure & reliable platform for all customers, and we take great pride in being fair with our customers with our available services and products.