Acceptable Usage

Last updated August 20th, 2015

Customers may use our available WordPress hosting plans that fit into a legal spectrum. Any customer accounts that are used to harvest personal information, spam, index spam, sell or share intellectual property, violate DMCA, run bots, anonymous proxying, bittorrent, or impersonate identity will result in the immediate removal of the website content, with or without notification, as well as being potentially banned from Cloudngin services indefinitely.


Our Unlimited Policy means that your websites bandwidth and traffic is unlimited only under acceptable usage where there is no abuse of server resources. If the abusive customer account is causing other fellow hosted customers websites to slow down or crash due to abuse of resources (misconfigured/optimized website scripts, huge consistent traffic spikes), then Cloudngin will contact the account responsible and kindly encourage the customer to upgrade to a VPS.

We want to be sure that all Cloudngin WordPress hosting plans are fairly used with no inconvenience to fellow customers. Cloudngin is a safe, secure and friendly environment to run websites at optimal speeds so that all users can benefit and maintain control. If you have any questions about our Acceptable Usage policy or any complaints, then please be sure to contact us at